Sycher International is driven by innovation and technology. With a focus on R&D, we develop topmost quality & variety of Tractor, JCB & other Heavy Earthmovers spare parts in the industry with the best technological know-how in the industry. We are one of the few companies in the world that can develop strong and sturdy spare parts for the automobile sector.

Our goal is to capitalize on the growth trend in revenue recognition per component with increasing modification and by continuously investing in research and development to design and deliver new and innovative spare parts and components. We are masters at developing parts by the schema of the product or by cloning the entire product or parts.

As our customers continually focus on reliable and trustworthy products to improve range, minimize cost, increase vehicle acceleration and improve overall efficiency, we have developed solutions and alternatives to improve that by constantly focusing on feedback and thanks to our R&D team efforts.

We are among a limited number of players well-positioned to combine our engine and transmission capabilities to deliver a compelling value proposition to our spare parts customer base.

With help of the above efforts we able to grab and hold topmost position in the export of tractor, truck & trailers and heavy earth movers components around the globe. Our major exporting continents are Europe, Africa, North, South America, Central Asia and Oceania continents.